Leify Green


Leify Green is a rambling man, a 21st-century nomad with a gypsy soul. He first set out at age 15, spending a summer working for his uncle in Montréal, where he fell in love with the acoustic guitar after finding one in the basement. At 18, he wandered off to the West Coast, making a modest living performing on street corners and wharves up the California coast and into Oregon and Washington. Over the next few years, he played in various bands, including an Afro-Peruvian percussion ensemble in Lima, and he sailed and wrestled for UMBC, where he completed a dual degree in Economics and Linguistics. A year after graduating, he released his first EP and began to pursue his musical calling full-time

Leify is best known for his involvement in the West Coast Swing dance community. His 2011 acoustic cover of Usher’s “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” was a runaway hit on the international Westie circuit. He spent the next four years touring North America, Australia, and Europe, performing live at major dance events, festivals, concert halls, and intimate living room gatherings. More recently, he has gained recognition among Blues and Fusion dancers and he has taught numerous musicality workshops for dancers all over the world.

Having fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest during several tour stops there, in 2015 Leify Green settled in Tacoma, Washington to finish work on his first full-length album: Set Sail. Production for the eight-song LP was financed by crowdfunding from over 400 dedicated fans, and recording took place in various studios all over the United States while Leify was on tour. The album comprises five original songs and three covers, including the hits “Madness” and “Snowstorm in Seattle” (written in a hotel room when what would have been Leify’s first show in Seattle was canceled due to an unexpected blizzard). Set Sail was released to the public on July 1st, 2016. It has sold over 1,000 physical copies and was featured on Seattle’s King 5 television station.

Leify Green is currently hard at work on his next recording project and is available for performances, workshops, and interviews anywhere in the world. Please direct press and booking inquiries to Caitlin McCarthy at info@LeifyGreen.com.